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Oceanspire is a leading Eco-Friendly brand addressing the pressing threat of Plastic Pollution in the world's oceans. We offer Sustainable, Organic, Reef-Safe and Plastic-Free products to combat plastic culture and preserve marine ecosystems. As consumers' demand for sustainable options grows, we meet it with our range of all-natural, clean products featuring plastic-free packaging.

Our Reef-Friendly SPF 30 Products included Tinted Lip Balms, Face Sunscreen that's moisturizing and effective. Our Tinted Lip Balm with SPF not only provide sun protection but also support ocean preservation and coral reef protection with Reef-Friendly SPF Non-Nano Zinc Oxide. 

At Oceanspire, our mission is to revolutionize the health and beauty industry by promoting sustainable beauty alternatives that meet both quality and environmental consciousness.

Our vision is to make conscious consumerism and sustainable living the norm, drastically reducing plastic waste and safeguarding precious oceans and reefs. We actively contribute to ocean conservation initiatives, with 10% of our product proceeds dedicated to supporting such causes. We engage with the community through beachside cleanups and ocean awareness activities, inspiring others to join our mission for a plastic-free future.

Experience the power of Plastic Free, Organic Ingredients and Reef Safe and Friendly Sunscreen for sustainable living with Oceanspire and be part of the movement to protect the oceans and create a brighter, greener future for generations to come.

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