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Reducing Plastic Pollution

Organic & Sustainable Ingredients Each ingredient is sourced for its high sustainability p

What is Plastic Pollution?

Plastic pollution stands as one of the most formidable threats to our oceans today, posing severe ecological risks. Plastic pollution refers to the environmental harm caused by the accumulation of plastic waste in various ecosystems, particularly in oceans and waterways. Everyday items significantly contribute to plastic pollution, with single-use plastics being major culprits. Disposable items such as water bottles, plastic bags, and packaging materials are pervasive in daily life and, when improperly disposed of, often end up in oceans and other natural environments. The durability of plastic means that it persists for an extended period, causing long-term ecological damage. 


Unlike organic materials, plastic does not dissolve; instead, it undergoes a prolonged process of fragmentation into smaller particles known as microplastics. This perpetual breakdown is exacerbated by exposure to environmental elements, such as sunlight and waves, rendering plastic an enduring pollutant. Microplastics infiltrate marine ecosystems, permeating water bodies and adversely impacting aquatic life. The consequences extend to the food chain, as marine organisms ingest these minute plastic particles. The toxins associated with microplastics accumulate and traverse up the food web, affecting larger marine species and potentially reaching humans who consume seafood. This insidious cycle of plastic pollution threatens the delicate balance of oceanic ecosystems, emphasizing the urgent need for global initiatives to curb plastic usage, enhance waste management practices, and mitigate the pervasive impact of microplastics on both marine life and human health.

Organic & Sustainable Ingredients Each ingredient is sourced for its high sustainability p
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100% Plastic-Free and Biodegradable Packaging

We use completely renewable, sustainably sourced kraft paper push-up tubes for our products. They are 100% plastic free and lined with plant-based wax which is fully compostable, biodegradable and recyclable, creating an oil-proof shield from the outer paper. Responsible Forestry Certified and 100% FSC Recycled Source of pre and post-consumer reclaimed material in accordance with the protocols of the Forest Stewardship Council® Simply toss the finished product into the compost bin upon completion of use. 

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Composting Process
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