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Our Mission

Oceanspire is an ocean conservation initiative committed to reducing plastic waste

At Oceanspire, we aim to protect the ocean and promote sustainable living.  It is our mission to reduce plastic culture, promote conscious consumerism and raise the standards of the health and beauty industry. We aspire to change the collective consciousness about plastic consumption through community engagement and consumer awareness.


The Ocean is Our Life Support System

The ecological state of our oceans and the marine life within are facing a severe threat due to years and years of a high plastic and waste consumption lifestyle. Single-use plastic poses a major risk to the health of us and our oceans.

We hope to help reduce single-use plastic by creating a solution to reduce plastic consumption, spread awareness and facilitate the movement of raising the standards of our waste consumption.

Our Vision

Our goal is to lead the health and beauty industry towards a future where eco-friendly products are the norm and plastic-free living is the standard.  We are committed to inspiring change, supporting ocean conservation, and fostering a community of like-minded individuals who share our vision for a more sustainable future.

Volunteers Cleaning Beach

Community Outreach

We value community engagement while contributing to ocean awareness and conservation activities! One of the easiest ways to get involved with us and our community is through beachside cleanups.  We host regular cleanups along various shorelines in Vancouver, B.C.  

Our Products

We offer natural, plastic-free products designed with ocean protection in mind, including reef-safe SPF with non-nano zinc oxide.  Our easy-to-use push-up tubes are made from renewable and sustainably sourced kraft paper, lined with a plant-based wax that is completely biodegradable when returned to the earth. We're committed to sustainable living and eco-friendly products

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Giving Back
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Oceanspire is committed to creating a sustainable future for our planet by giving back to our communities. 10% of each purchase goes directly towards ocean conservation efforts at The Ocean Cleanup. We know that our products alone cannot change plastic culture, so we work together with like-minded initiatives to propel this movement forward. By removing the damage we have already done and changing our existing habits through conscious consumerism, we believe we can make a difference.

About Us

The Inspiration Behind Oceanspire

Oceanspire, led by Alexa, is a pioneering brand focused on transforming the health and beauty industry. With a strong background in Marine Biology, Alexa identified the pressing need for eco-friendly, plastic-free products. Her journey began with a personal struggle to find an all-natural sunscreen that checked all the boxes: high coverage, chemical-free, ocean-friendly, moisturizing, nourishing, and ethically sourced ingredients without contributing to plastic waste. Fueled by her love for marine life and concern for the ocean's well-being, she decided to take matters into her own hands.


In 2020, Alexa launched the Oceanspire movement, a platform for her vision of a sustainable future. Her products resonated with consumers who sought both effectiveness and environmental responsibility. The brand's success not only met the growing demand for sustainable options but also influenced the entire industry to rethink its practices. Oceanspire became a beacon of hope, encouraging other companies to prioritize eco-consciousness and work together for a healthier planet.


Today, Oceanspire stands strong, continuously expanding its range of eco-friendly offerings. Alexa's dedication to creating products that safeguard both the skin and the environment has set new standards for the health and beauty sector. As consumers increasingly prioritize sustainability, Oceanspire is committed to meeting consumer demand and drive the brand towards a future where ethical and ocean-friendly choices are the norm. 

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